Jacqui & Barry “May the force be with you. “

Last year,well nearly 12months ago, Dawn Ash & I got to hang out with a crazy bunch of girls helping them all get ready for Jacqui’s big day. Along with her 2 bridesmaids  Liz & Heidi, Jacqui had 3 special friends to hang out with for the morning. Even the rain couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. I honestly don’t think I have seen a bride with such an amazing smile that stayed there all the time.
Jacqui & Barry are self confessed geeks so things like Star Wars, Harry Potter , Lord Of the Rings etc featured through out their day

From Storm Troupers to Lego on the table for the guests to play with , Name places printed on a 3D printer, even the bridal bouquet were made on the printer by the bride. This was a couple who weren’t afraid to step outside the square.

How did you & Barry meet?
Barry and I met playing for a LGBT soccer team.  We were both ‘ring-ins’ helping to make up numbers, but given the circumstances we both thought the other was gay!  Turns out we were both wrong!
 What area are you living ?
We are living in Brisbane, with our Cocker Spaniel who runs the house!
*What was the best part of the day?
That’s such an incredibly difficult questions, but I think my most heart-stopping moment was walking down the aisle and first seeing my lovely husband waiting for me!
There was also a moment where I realised the hem of my dress was black with grime… So, I decided just to dip it in the water feature to wash it off a bit… But shhh! Don’t tell anyone!
Fabulous Suppliers who helped bring this together on the day 
Hair – Sandi Dawn & Ash  Rolling Scissors
Make up-  Jenna,  Jenna Turner Make Up 
Dress- After 5
Flowers- Jacqui
Venue & reception- Ebb Restaurant Maroochydore
PhotographyLuke from  Luke Middlemiss 

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